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Criteria for offshore spills – Our approach for oil spill risk criteria identified three tiers of risk levels: (a) acute spills - intolerable, and driven by ALARP to negligible level through hardware changes; (b) substantial spills - also intolerable, but As Soon As Reasonably Practicable principle applies through emergency response actions, and (c) negligible spills - no response events.







Applying ALARP in conditions of uncertainty – the uncertainty of a risk estimate is treated in an explicit manner, by recognising that the reduction of uncertainty does not of itself bring about risk reduction, but simply leads to a better directed approach to precautions. It is these that reduce the risk. The process leading to tolerable level of risk starts with a reduction of uncertainty based on relevance and quality of evidence, and linking these to specific precautions. This is followed by further evaluating risk reducing measures against the remaining precautions.


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