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Port Marine Safety Code – By extending the experience gained in risk analysis of offshore marine operations, a Formal Safety Assessment was conducted for Sullom Voe. This pioneering work was the second FSA of marine operations carried out in the UK after the Sea Empress disaster.

With experience in Forth Ports, Port of Dundee, Ports of Tyne and Sunderland, and Whitby and Scarborough Harbours, our approach makes day-to-day risks understandable to personnel.


Risk Support Limited’s methodology forges the link between everyday tasks in ports and the risk barriers associated with operations. As a direct result of the insights gained from our assessments, port managers and personnel are able to distribute roles and responsibilities in an even manner, optimising workflow and saving lives/time/money. All assessments are complying with the Port Marine Safety Code. (See also Integrated risk management, Active Bow Tie and Financial risk analysis).


Trbojevic, V.M., Linking Risk Assessment of Marine Operations to Safety Management in Ports, 6th Biennial Marine Transportation System Research and Technology Coordination Conference, Washington DC, 14-16 November, 2001.