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Offshore QRA and safety cases - Our quantitative risk assessment (QRA) experience in the UK offshore sector encompasses more than 20 installations ranging from fixed platforms, floating installations, FPSOs, from fire and explosion studies to toxic gas impact. Our QRA reports provide insights into the core of the risk model while remaining easy to navigate, simple to understand and great value. Here’s our methodology.

Risk Model Report – First, a detailed breakdown is given of the facility and the data used in mapping / converting the technical model into a risk model. The emphasis then turns to describing what is most important in the risk model and its underlying assumptions.  Traceability of numbers used to evaluate risk is explicitly presented.

Risk Analysis Report – This report focuses on the risk profile, the main contributors to risk, as well as risk-reducing measures that can be deployed. By using the information gathered from the Risk Model Report, Risk Support Limited redirects the resources into delivering more and better-focused results from the risk profile.


Decommissioning and removal – We have developed risk-based technologies for the decommissioning and removal of offshore facilities through our extensive experience in risk analysis of offshore construction and installation phases (See Egineering operations). Previous projects include K11 platform, Fulmar SALM Buoy, Frigg Flare Base, Froy jacket, NW Hutton platform, Miller platform, Brae Bravo, Brae Alpha and East Brae jackets.