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Financial Risk Analysis of maximum probable loss for the existing port (Coruna) and the proposed new port (Punta Langosteria) was carried out.  The financial risk model comprised the marine risk model (tanker, bulk carrier, general cargo, container and other ships, and passenger ships and the corresponding human, cargo, vessel and cleanup cost losses), and the land risk model (tank terminal and pipelines and the associated losses). Maximum probable annual losses for the existing port and the proposed new development are presented in the diagram (on the left).

Business risk analysis - in the business environment today, the resources that management may use to carefully monitor and control their companies' total liability or financial exposure to risk is limited.  The traditional approach has been to address each potential liability separately.  A comprehensive approach addressing the range of potential liabilities has been applied by Risk Support.  Total risk profile included property damage, environmental risk, personnel and public liability.  A breakdown of total risk per different activities is presented on the right.