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Marine risk analysis of LNG  transportation Grounding, collision, vessel foundering, hose rupture, terrorist attack, etc. all have the potential to cause spillage of LNG. By focusing on the frequency and the consequences of such occurrences and plotting risk contours to clearly display vulnerabilities, Risk Support can conduct marine risk analysis during LNG transportation and offloading.  A number of measures can be taken to control, limit and reduce the potential for LNG spillage. 

For consequence calculations we use CasQade (developed by Quantra Ltd.) but we also have access to other programs. LNG cloud dispersion data evaluated by CasQade is used in for risk calculations, summation, contour evaluation and graphical presentation by the in-house developed program.

Whether it involves specifying a weather window, regulating separation distances, defining type of towage or training port personnel, Risk Support will help you reduce the risks.  We can also offer strategic advice for implementing a safety management system for marine operations (see also Integrated SMS , Process facilities, Consequence modelling).